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Help Meeting Medicare Costs

If you are enrolled in Medicare you know that Medicare is not free: premiums and deductibles are paid out of pocket. For some, help is available to meet these out-of-pocket costs:

Four Medicare assistance programs, referred to as Medicare Savings Plans, are available:

Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB): QMB pays Medicare Part A deductibles, Medicare Part B premiums and deductibles, and coinsurance and deductibles for Part A and Part B.

Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB): SLMB pays Medicare Part B Premium.

Qualifying Individual Program (QI-1): QI-1 pays Medicare Part B Premium.

Qualified Disabled and Working Individuals Program (QDWI): QDWI assists in paying for the Medicare Part A premium.

To qualify for these programs, one must be eligible for Medicare Part A (even if not enrolled) and have limited income and resources. The following program limits are generally applicable but may be modified somewhat by your state:

* federal poverty levels can be found here

To qualify, an individual’s assets, including cash, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, cannot exceed $7,970. A married couple’s assets cannot exceed $11,960. For QDWI, assets cannot exceed $4000 for an individual and $6000 for a married couple. The value of a house and|or a car are not included in calculating asset values. Some states permit persons to possess assets above these limits.

To apply for these programs, contact the local Department of Social Services office or corresponding local agency.